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About MG Education Foundation – Primary Objectives of the Trust

Our primary social cause is to promote affordable education to aspiring and deserving students through distance learning. Our main focus is reaching out to various inaccessible corners of our country especially the rural Indians. These targeted students come from an extremely challenged economic situations / low per capita income structure and are usually deprived of the right to affordable education. The challenges faced by them are usually related to economic situations, inadequate access, limited counselling, ignorance, time, distance, and various other socio economic factors.

For ease of business recognition, the services are distributed under the banner of IBSAMS which stands forIndian Business School for Advanced Management Studies.At IBSAMS we endeavour to bridge this gap through efficient marketing.

Our Strengths & Primary Objective

  • Free counselling of Students across India towards education. Both Higher / Graduations / Matriculations.
  • Holding education awareness camps through various Government and non government social bodies across the country.
  • A special motivational counselling of students who have discontinued their graduations / matriculations due to unwarranted compelling situations.
  • Emphasis through educational camps towards higher education as a tool to better standard of living.

Why Us ?

  • Social approach.
  • 24 / 7 Tele Support.
  • All Counsellors trained to explain, counsel and convert prospects in one specific local language.
  • Dynamic & user friendly Website.
  • Offsite and on site counselling facilities.
  • 24 / 7 Uptime on Website.
  • Latest State of the Art Website with an embedded payment gateway.
  • Job assistance portal especially focussed for our students. Job site accessible to corporate’s for e-hiring on a pan India basis.
  • Introduction of Exam on Demand Concept through our dynamic portal. Objective and subjective interludes added.
  • Promotion of E- Learning as a novel concept. Having one of the First movers advantage.
  • Pragmatic and pre designed marketing approach.
  • Highly efficient marketing and sales focused staff. All from Education background.
  • Adopted an inorganic growth formula to propel immediate and efficient sales.
  • An adequately funded trust with trustees from affluent business families.
  • Head Office premises situated at the education hub of Mumbai – Andheri (West) Station (Usable Carpet area 1422.00 Sq Feet)
  • Head Office extremely well connected by public transport like Railways, Buses, Auto Rickshaw’s and shortly the much awaited Metro Network.
  • Head Office having excellent state of the art communication equipments and other related office infrastructure.
  • In process of setting up 20 branches across India.
  • We firmly believe in our endeavour of spreading education online to the hinterlands of our country thereby empowering students for a brighter future through better job prospects and a better standard of living.
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