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Who We Are?

IBSAMS - Indian Business School of Advanced Management Studies, was conceived as a social idea by a well recognized & established NGO "MG Education Foundation". The trust is well recognized within select corporate circles as an NGO focused on education related philanthropic activities and is a fore runner in conducting CSR activities in the field. The NGO houses professional advisors who regularly advice & assist corporate entities to form visions and strategies for CSR activities in the education field in a mutually beneficial way.

Moreover IBSAMS has a simultaneous vision to provide affordable advanced management education to students in every pockets of the country through the internet route. There by we aim to bridge the social divide in between "The HAVES and THE HAVE NOT'S".

IBSAMS offers correspondence courses ranging from short, medium to long duration in Advanced Management Studies. The courses are specifically engineered, customized & designed to suit the needs of the current business scenario and compliment student profiles at various levels. These courses help them in providing the much needed push to get started at managerial and other senior levels by enhancing their levels of Productivity, Vision & Strategy.

At IBSAMS we have revolutionized the concept of bringing Advanced Management Studies to the doorstep of the learner using the modern "E-Age Pedagogy". This shall enable an aspiring students or an aspiring working professional to choose their programs with us without disrupting their present learning or earnings. They are at will to opt for various flexible Advanced Management Programs at IBSAMS and get qualified at their place of choice.

The above is made possible with the use of modern "E-Age Pedagogy" wherein the entire program is available in conventional book format and also an "E- Format". The entire examination system is simple software driven web based solution. Hence it provides the applicant to choose exam timings at their pre approved time and place. An exam on demand concept is finally a reality.

Though the above solutions solve all the teething problems of the aspirants, it is worthy to note that new age education requires the willingness to work hard and requires a high level of maturity and thought process. We provide the gateway to all those aspirants with a burning desire to succeed and willingness to travel that one extra mile than others to live a more socially happy and acceptable life. Our programs shall compliment all your career movements till date and put you in a higher orbit. These heights shall prepare you to embrace higher social strata and satisfy all your professional needs.

For all those who share our visions in full or in part, we invite you to participate in our programs and help build a new generation of E – Age management professionals and jointly contribute to the development of our great nation.

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