Executive Masters Program in Business Administration ( EMBA ) | IBSAMS

This course is designed for executive who have already been working somewhere. As they are working they have good knowledge about the management and its functions. As an enhancement to their knowledge and degree this course provides them that theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the subject. The future corporate leader needs in-depth knowledge, strategic thinking, seasoned judgment, international perspective, adaptability and integrity. During the course of his career the professional faces unprecedented challenges and heightened level of accountability not only to the shareholders but also to the entire community.

The EMBA program of IBSAMS is designed to meet the business-learning needs of senior executives on a global track. The program prepares the executive to excel and move forward and gives the opportunity to develop a range of highly valued professional skills and a competitive edge in his career.

  • Min. 6 Months
  • Max. 2 Years
  • Course Code : 6028
  • Medium : English

Any Degree or Diploma Holder with 3 Years Experience

B.C.A. (or) B.Sc. (Computer Science / Information Technology). However, these students have to write the pass first year M.C.A. Examination Papers. Year exemption alone will be given.

Any degree with a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science / Computer Application (PGDCA) of minimum one year duration of a recognized University.


Online Exams : 2 Hrs
Home Exam : 20 Days

Rupees - Rs.40,500
USD - $ 2,160

Syllabus Details

Semester Sr. No. Paper Name Examination Code
I 1 General Management PMBA01
2 International Business PMBA02
3 Marketing Management PMBA03
4 Finance Management PMBA04
5 Organizational Behaviour PMBA05
II 6 Operations Management PMBA06
7 Human Resource Management PMBA07
8 Business Communication PMBA08
9 Specialization 1 PMBA09
10 Project ( Optional ) PMBA10
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