Masters in International Business (MIB) | IBSAMS

This course is designed in such a way that it provides complete and well-organized management practice and skills to the students. This course offers a complete wide based knowledge of many managerial functions. This course provides good training for other subjects too.

The student can select from a wide range of specialization subjects offered by the institute. The study material will be provided by the institute.

  • Min. 6 Months
  • Max. 2 Years
  • Course Code : 6028
  • Medium : English

Any Degree of Government University or of any other recognized University

B.C.A. (or) B.Sc. (Computer Science / Information Technology). However, these students have to write the pass first year M.C.A. Examination Papers. Year exemption alone will be given.

Any degree with a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science / Computer Application (PGDCA) of minimum one year duration of a recognized University.


Online Exams : 2 Hrs
Home Exam : 10 Days / Sem

Rupees - Rs.36,000
USD - $ 2,520

Syllabus Details

Semester Sr. No. Paper Name Examination Code
I 1 International Business MIB01
  2 Accounting MIB02
  3 Business Environment MIB03
  4 Management Information System MIB04
  5 Strategic Management MIB05
II 1 Intercultural Management and Ethics MIB06
  2 International HR Management MIB07
  3 International Finance Management MIB08
  4 International Economics MIB09
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