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In the recent past a few businessmen as a part of their social commitment, made a foray into the world of education as IBSAMS, with a modern vision to provide high quality Affordable Advanced Higher Distant Education using computers, internet & modern age technology to advantage.

A dream & vision is to provide affordable education, which is unparalleled and equates to global quality standards, and rest on the bedrock of Indian ethos and culture, leading to man making and nation building.

We at IBSAMS aim to create renaissance men & women. We want to pursue the path of enlightenment where individuals are not restricted by the boundaries of their geographic divides, disciplines or social statures. At IBSAMS, they shall remain free and encouraged to pursue knowledge according to the dictates of their own hearts and minds.

I highly suggest and encourage you to study our novel academic system, which has been carefully structured to deliver on our core philosophies. You will discover how we are truly different and how we put into practice all the ideas that we try to espouse and follow. At IBSAMS, we follow a liberal approach, much in contrast to the traditional ways of teaching. We use the most modern modes of communication & tools to impart high quality education. Our commitments are to eliminate the need of blackboard based classrooms and replace them with new age modes of imparting education.

Each Course and programmes has been carefully selected and vetted by an advisory board of academicians, industry experts and our internal advisory team who further exercise freedom to synchronize courses to keep them in line with the latest developments and changes  with the social and economic scenario.

We strongly believe that the leader of today and tomorrow require a deep self understanding of their chosen field but need to have a grasp of as many different fields as possible. We ensure to impart high quality education to equip students to think critically, qualitatively and analyze quantitatively and are always in a position to apply their academics to all circumstances and problems in a holistic fashion.

In today’s scenario of an ever changing world, advanced education plays a vital role in defining your orbit, your social position and above all your economic position. Our programs are specially designed to suit people with a burning desire to succeed and re position themselves in their careers, in business and management.

However, all pursuits of advanced management programs demands intellectual maturity, strength and willingness to work hard. For those who have the drive to succeed, these programs will be a voyage of discovery leading to professionally satisfying careers.

Welcome to IBSAMS, one of our nations truly dynamic institutes with a difference. At IBSAMS we have set for ourselves a high benchmark. Upon enrolment at IBSAMS, you will find a wealth of learning opportunities, customized as per your need.

On behalf of IBSAMS, I take this opportunity to wish all the applicants to reach higher orbits in life!

Thank you.

Kabir Master.

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