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The Professional Courses in Management sets out clear guidelines for effective management by helping participants develop their own management style, manage information and communication, plan and manage resources and recruitment. The principles of Business management, Finance, Supervisory Management, Business Development, Project Management and other key management skill areas are explored. The professional course in management identifies the roles and responsibilities of management and provides a comprehensive framework for future development.

  • Min.: 6 Months
  • Max : 2 Year
  • Course Code : 5012
  • Medium : English

Graduate / Diploma Holder with work experience.


Online Exams : 2 Hrs
Home Exams : 15 Days

Fees :

Professional Course : Rupees - Rs.30,000
USD - $ 2040

Syllabus Details

Sr. No. Paper Name Examination Code
1 Finance PFM01
2 Merger and Acquisitions PFM02
3 Corporate Finance PFM03
4 Financial Engineering PFM04
5 Managerial Accounting PFM05
6 Investments Policies and Schemes PFM06
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