Vission and Mission | IBSAMS

The Visions

  • Enhance the career of student in Business and Management sector by promoting and developing distance education in India.
  • To nurture thought leaders and practitioners through inventive education
  • Provide value added Affordable Higher Advanced Education with Help of the latest technology and reach those who live in far flung areas of India and have no regular educational facilities.
  • Deliver high quality education programs and lifelong skill development for the working professionals.
  • To provide Short, Medium & Long Duration programs in various faculties, enabling aspiring candidates and students to acquire a World Class Management Qualification even while working or studying.

Missions at IBSAMS

  • IBSAMS is committed to provide high quality management education through distance learning across India
  • Our Mission is to provide learners with Flexible Learning opportunities anywhere, anytime without having to travel to campus and to enable them to pursue various  programmes to achieve their goals.
  • Providing specific customized need based programs by imparting professional orientations through new age tools and technologies.
  • Using the current E-Age / Internet platform to provide accessibility to high quality higher & advanced education by taking it at the student’s doorstep, irrespective of age, region, language or other formal qualifications thereby breaking the limitations for all who aspire for Affordable Advanced Education.
  • To give opportunity to the students who have left their education due to some unavoidable reasons and now want to continue with their career progression. 
  • To meet the need of exposing students to CSR- Corporate social responsibility and help them to understand the environmental impact of business.
  • IBSAMS welcomes to the world of job-oriented diplomas where the end of the course not only leads to a certificate or credential, it also is a doorstep to an aspiring career and future prospective.
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