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Mrs. Parul Khandelkar
EMBA in Human Resource Management

I connected with IBSAMS as the course I undertook helped me to learn things for myself and did not impose rules. It's very difficult to say what was most or least effective. On the whole all parts of course were very effective. Being in HR, the most interesting thing to me was the Study Material provided, it was the best I could have imagined. Due to professional habits, I am very judgmental, and in this case I ran a lot of analysis and checks, and found out that the study material provided was of the best quality and of the latest trends. This is a good way to deepen your knowledge in a chosen topic. You learn when you want, you receive help promptly, you may be sure that your queries will be always answered. Excellent materials easy to understand even for people entering for the first time in management areas. After the course was completed I always excelled in all my interviews as I had covered all that would ideally be asked, and was instantly chosen everywhere, flooded with job offers. In the end I had to choose which job I want to pick from. For MBA - HR, I personally recommend doing this course. That’s why I have recommended 2 of my colleagues to them too and ask you to join here too. Thanks IBSAMS Team.

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Ms. Priya Kotak
MBA in Project Management

I would like to appreciate IBSAMS for their excellent guidance & services, as I had come across two bad incidents with other institutes however the counsellors at IBSAMS were really helpful to me throughout the procedure of admission and the support staff is the best. It is good to see that the School is having such great people in the team. They are always so receptive and all my doubts were cleared with great precisions and speed. I am fortunate to have been connected with IBSAMS.

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Mr. Mangesh Pathak
Project Management & Business Development

I have been really benefited by the courses offered by IBSAMS. It actually benefits to the higher executives who might have missed out their MBA curriculum or other additional qualifications, and want to pursue. The courses also help you to revisit the management fundas which we implement it during our day to day activities. Further more, the counsellor staff of IBSAMS are very supportive in their functions and do keep reminding you of the course. I will surely recommend IBSAMS to all my fellow mates. KUDOS to your efforts IBSAMS. I wish you all the very best !

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Miss. Nafisa Aslam
Master’s in Apparel Merchandising Management

Due to social & customary restrictions, I was bought up with private tutoring at home till I completed my graduation and I was unable to pursue post graduation studies. In Oman, it is difficult to find other means of education for post graduation. One of my cousins’ recommended me to IBSAMS. I went through their website & found this as the right solution for all my problems. The entire course is designed for self study and there was always help available via electronic mode. The examination is in the easy home based “Case Study” mode which is extremely convenient. Moreover, the female Counsellor‘s were very receptive and even helped me translate certain queries in Arabic too. Not to forget that they are open all 7 days a week. I strongly recommend socially challenged women like me to enrol into programs with them. I am proud that soon I shall become an Alumni of IBSAMS. My parents are also very happy. Thank you IBSAMS.

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C.A Snehal Kamdar
Forensic Audit

The reason I decided to choose Forensic Audit through distance learning was because I wanted to study in an Institute I could choose without having to compromise my work. My experience with IBSAMS was excellent at all levels. The enrolment and course selection process was really easy with all the help I received from the counsellor at IBSAMS. The financial process was excellent too. It was very competitive. I would strongly recommend IBSAMS to any of my friends without hesitation. It's a reliable, friendly and really efficient way for someone to achieve his personal goals through knowledge. I wish them all the very best!

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Miss. Homai Daruwalla
MBA in Fashion designing

IBSAMS is one of the most effective and beneficial decisions I have ever made with regards to my studies and career. The IBSAMS support staffs were always with me throughout my studies. The merits of the IBSAMS programme are split into two, flexibility and educational value. The syllabus is of international standard, Up-to-date & very close to our Practical field. The most important value of this programme is that it is not just a theoretical one, but actually very pragmatic and business-oriented. Moreover the program was accredited by NRF Limited, one of the few institutes in India to have this global accreditation. In my industry, the hiring managers actually insist on this international accreditation. The global schools from overseas were extremely costly, and my search in India led me to IBSAMS. I found them reasonably priced and their study material far better compared to other business schools offering similar accredited programs in Fashion Designing. For me and my family it was simply a bargain and so I enrolled on to this immediately. I have completed the program and have also enrolled my younger sister into it. Thank you IBSAMS, I have finally reached my dream destination internationally.

Indian Business School of Advanced Management Studies

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IBSAMS - Indian Business School of Advanced Management Studies, was conceived as a social idea by a well recognized & established NGO "MG Education Foundation". The trust is well recognized within select corporate circles as an NGO focused on education related philanthropic activities and is a fore runner in conducting CSR activities in the field. The NGO houses professional advisors who regularly advice & assist corporate entities to form visions and strategies for CSR activities in the education field in a mutually beneficial way.

Moreover IBSAMS has a simultaneous vision to provide affordable advanced management education to students in every pockets of the country through the internet route. There by we aim at eliminate the social divide in between "The HAVES and THE HAVE NOT'S".

IBSAMS offers correspondence courses ranging from short, medium to long duration in Advanced Management Studies. The courses are specifically engineered, customized & designed to suit the needs of the current business scenario and compliment student profiles at various levels. These courses help them in providing the much needed push to get started at managerial and other senior levels by enhancing their levels of Productivity, Vision & Strategy.

At IBSAMS we have revolutionized the concept of bringing Advanced Management Studies to the doorstep of the learner using the modern "E-Age Pedagogy". This shall enable an aspiring students or an aspiring working professional to choose their programs with us without disrupting their present learning or earnings. They are at will to opt for various flexible Advanced Management Programs at IBSAMS and get qualified at their place of choice.

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